Growing Up

Camryn Elaine Hernandez Meadows was born on May 30, 1993 in Starlight Shores to 33 year old Mira Espiella Hernandez, and 35 year old Arthur Ryan Meadows. She has four older brothers, David (b. 1987), Marvin (b. 1989), Jacob (b. 1991), and Joseph (b. 1991, Jacob's twin). She lost her parents to a car accident on March 5, 2003, when she was 9 years old. She grew up under her grandparents, and didn't have that great of a relationship with her brothers.

When Camryn was 16, she realized that she really liked cooking. She loved working in the kitchen, and made the decision to go to school for the culinary arts. Unfortunately, about halfway through her degree, her grandmother, Rosa, went into cardiac arrest and passed away, forcing Camryn to go back home without her degree.

University Life

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