Logan Blackthorne 2016
Logan Johnathan Blackthorne was born on July 18, 1989 in Sunset Valley, Texas to Johnathan and Amelia Blackthorne. He has a fraternal twin sister, Lacy Blackthorne and a younger sister Cassidy Blackthorne. Growing up on a farm Logan learned to love animals from a young age especially for dogs and horses. As he got older he started to show signs of rebelliousness, often getting into fights at school with other boys, to try and help him get some of this anger out, his father, who was a country musician, taught him to play guitar. Logan lost himself in music, feeling drawn to rock and soon found he also had the gift of singing. Even pouring himself into music didn't keep him in trouble as he got into his teenage years, he ended up getting his high school girlfriend, Shelley, pregnant, but unfortunately she and the baby died in a car accident when she was 6 months pregnant. Logan took this news hard and drowned himself in alcohol, women and music. In July of 2015 he and his sister decided to make the move to Bridgeport after Logan had received a job offer as a record producer there.

While in Bridgeport Logan's career and personal life grew quickly. He was quickly signed to a record deal after the success of the first album he produced. While recording this album, Logan met Isabella Lockhart, who he quickly fell for. Isabella was pregnant when they met and soon gave birth to a son, Lucas, who Logan quickly took the role of father too. Lucas has never known his real father, to him that is Logan. Isabella and Logan have a roller coaster relationship having broken up and gotten back together many times, this also giving them a daughter, Shayla. They ultimately got married in March of 2016, but then again split, though no divorce papers have been filed. Logan continues to be close to and take care of his children.