McKenzie Onika O'Brien (born April 10, 1991 in Paris) is a model with Dutch, French and Canadian nationality. She study legal rules in Paris


O'Brien was born in Paris as the second daughter of Mona and Philipe O'Brien. With 10 years she moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, because of her mother, who suffered from cancer.

Her father left the O'Brien and her mother while a vacation in London, England with the entire family, causing O'Brien's halfsister to kill herself.

In 2007 she wrote her first song after her mother died of cancer.

Since then O'Brien lived in an orphanage until she became adult.

McKenzie began to study law with 18 years at Paris-Sarbonne University for three years.

In 2014 she started dating Cedric Jolinton and moved to Appinegedam, Netherlands with him. She ended their relationship in 2016.

She is currently living in a village in the Netherlands with her brother in the old house of her mother.


O'Brien always wanted to be a singer, so she did one music video to her single, but she aborted her singing career because of the "unfriendly community" around her.

In 2015 she started to work with Sybile Pluquet at "S.Models" and "100% SCOOP Sims". One year later she stopped her work as a model to start her own business and her own music.

In 2016 she signed a contract with Press Play Records, where she met her new friends and supporters, Elijah Daniels, Noelanie Demedici and Alyana de Philanos. With the help of Demedici O'Brien changed her style for her debut album 'Typewriter' and she became famous over night.


O'Brien dropped at this time 1 album and 2 ep


She released "untitled" before her album "Typewriter" for a better wait, in this ep we haven't video but promotion single from nowhere "Up In Flames". This was her 2nd best selling with 385 000 ep sold.


After "untitled" she released "Typewriter" a visual album with another concept, we never saw keys and chamber before, she release "Needed Me" by surprise, no ad, no promotion just release, this is her best selling single with 2 000 000 copy sold worldwide. O'Brien don't do another single for this album. Only 10 000 copy was sold and this is her biggest flop and the biggest flop in music industry.

Dear summer,

O'Brien release this ep this summer, the June 18th she do ad but without succes, her flop are always on memorie and she know that, she cancelled video concept before the Simtunes released, and she work on her 2nd real album, we don't know the name but she sell 1 520 copy for "Dear summer,"

Lawyer carrer

At her 10 O'Brien know that she want to be a lawyer, her mother was a big lawyer in Netherland. Him father push her to do that after her mother's death. She study at Paris-Sarbonne in France, she met her ex boyfriend at this university. She was lawyer before she song. She defend a real murder at her first court and she loose it.