Orlaith Ferguson

Orlaith Phaedra Ferguson (born August 13th, 1995 in Melbourne) is an Australian equestrian and dancer. She is best known for her role in the equestrian world in Falkirk, Scotland.


Ferguson was born in Melbourne, Australia. In 1998 she moved to Falkirk, Scotland.

When she became 6 she started to take horse riding lessons. Trainers saw that she had a lot of talent, from that point she started jumping. When she turned 13 she took cross country lessons and first competed in eventing shows when she became 16. She became local champion 3 times. Although Ferguson never competed with a own horse, she won a lot. She only trained twice a week.

In 2001 Ferguson's dad died. She got depressed and started riding and dancing. It took her 2 years to get out of that depression and started riding again. That was when her sister was born. She never started dancing again.

Early Life

Ferguson was born as the only child of Paul Ferguson and Teagan Howe. In 2003 she got a sister. Madison Rees, daughter of Teagan Howe and Declan Rees.

Ferguson's mother was in her younger years a well known equestrian. She won multiple eventing shows with her horse Temperance. Sadly, this career came to an end when Howe had a horrible fall that even caused her blindess in left eye. She had never ridden a horse again.

Howe's husband (Paul Ferguson) died in a plane crash in 2001. Howe has never personally told her daughter that her father died. She had to find out herself. Howe became alcaholic, luckily she went into rehab shortly after.

Ferguson wants to fully focus on an equestrian career but doesn't have her own horse. She competes with an Appaloosa called Beezely and won local jumping shows with him. Her dream is to open a stud.

In 2008 Ferguson moved to Riverview, America.